Made In : China

BC580CK controller is designed for hi-speed belt
checkweigher. The controller is integrated counts
and quantity accumulation, over-under checking,
sorting, rejecting with 128×64 dot-matrix OLED GUI.
It’s easy to operate and viewing statistic information
with graphic menu tree. Features:

  • Store 10 groups of checking target
  • Over 300Hz AD conversion
  • Support English/Chinese display or print
  • Counting the OK, OVER and UNDER results
  • Multiple information pages
  • Over-under checking and rejecting
  • 5-level sorting control
  • 10 DI/12 DO without PLC involved
  • MODBUS RTU protocol via RS485 interface
  • Support label printing via RS232
  • Touch screen version is available (seperated)

Price :
Payment : Transfer bank (T/T)

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